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Son of IRA victim calls on Gerry Adams to drop duo

By Nevin Farrell

The son of a prison officer murdered by the IRA in the Republic 33 years ago has called on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to suspend two senior politicians pending a probe into allegations they were linked to the killing.

Brian Stack was gunned down in Dublin in 1983. The IRA finally admitted responsibility for the killing in 2013.

His son Austin said: "I am asking Gerry Adams to bring whatever information he now has to the attention of the Garda."

Mr Adams said yesterday he had been told the names of the two politicians by Mr Stack, but this was denied by the victim's son.

He said: "I have read several reports in the media which suggest that Gerry Adams at a Press conference today said that I had provided him with the names of the senior Sinn Fein politicians who are allegedly linked to my father's murder.

"In response to this, I am quite clearly stating that at no stage have I ever disclosed the names of those politicians to Gerry Adams. In fact, when I first spoke to Gerry Adams in 2013 he asked me if I wanted to disclose to him the names of those responsible, and I told him that I would not discuss this with him."

Mr Adams insisted it was not his responsibility to speak to the two senior party figures allegedly involved in the warder's murder and that it was not an election issue.

Sinn Fein also revealed it was pitching Gerry Adams as possible Taoiseach in a coalition to be headed up by anti-water charges parties.

The decision by Sinn Fein to unite with groups opposed to water charges could also result in Mr Adams leading a bigger block than Fianna Fail.

Party strategists believe the overall number of seats won by Sinn Fein and so-called 'Right2Change' candidates will provide Mr Adams with the authority to pitch himself as an alternative Taoiseach to Enda Kenny.

Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty confirmed a vote for his party was a vote for Mr Adams as Taoiseach.

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