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Son of slain warder Brian Stack hits out at Maze film plans

By Staff Reporter

The son of a chief prison officer murdered by the IRA in Dublin has called on the Irish Prison Service not to co-operate with the making of a film about the Maze Prison breakout.

Brian Stack was gunned down more than 30 years ago as he left a sporting event in Dublin.

His son Austin Stack yesterday urged the Irish Minister for Justice to overturn the decision by the Irish Prison Service to allow the recently decommissioned Cork Prison to be used as the site to film the movie he claims glorifies the 1983 Maze escape.

Mr Stack said he was left "sickened to the core and is horrified and disgusted that the Irish Prison Service would be involved in such a project".

One warder died during the Maze escape and two others were shot and wounded,

Mr Stack said "no right thinking arm of the State should be involved in a project will essentially glorify the death of a prison officer".

He added: "The use of Irish Prison Service property in the making of this film is grossly insensitive to my family and other bereaved families."

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