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Suicide and drugs counsellor turned into Continuity IRA assassin

It was on the fifth interview that the female Continuity IRA assassin confessed she had "emptied a handgun" into the delivery van driver and admitted being a member of an illegal organisation.

Gardai had spent weeks painstakingly piecing together evidence, including an extensive trawl of CCTV footage of Rose Lynch (50), to decipher the events leading up to David Darcy's 'execution' at 6.55am on November 28, 2011, as he left his house to go to work.

Mother-of-four Lynch -- a suicide and drugs counsellor turned unrepentant assassin -- and an accomplice used a stolen Opel Astra to stake out Mr Darcy's house in the days leading up to his death.

Senior Counsel for the State, Paul Green, said Lynch had "evinced a belief" that Mr Darcy was responsible for the death of a dissident republican. Yet, according to the evidence in court, he was "wholly blameless" and it was a case of either misinformation or mistaken identity.

There was CCTV footage of Lynch at a garage in Limerick, filling the stolen car with petrol, explained Det Insp Colm O'Malley.

The 'hot' vehicle was parked at Bewley's Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin. It was left overnight before they returned and parked it at Liffey Valley.

CCTV footage showed Lynch catching the train at Heuston back to Limerick, before driving her own car, an Opel Corsa, back to Dublin on the night of November 27.

Mr Darcy's partner, Amanda Haverty, spotted a car, identified as an Opel Astra, leaving the area after her partner had been gunned down.

The car was later found burned out. Lynch and her accomplice then left the city in her car and travelled to Ennis, where they checked into a hotel. At 11.03pm on December 15, as she travelled back to Dublin with the same man, armed gardai arrested her on the Naas Road.

Concealed in a holdall in her Opel Corsa were 25 rounds of 9mm ammunition. She accepted that the ammunition was hers. She was interviewed 13 times and on the fifth occasion Lynch admitted killing Mr Darcy, being in possesssion of ammunition and being a member of an unlawful organisation.

Det Insp O'Malley said it was put to Lynch that she had sourced the Opel Astra and used it in the murder.

"She said, 'no one else was involved'," Det Insp O'Malley said. "She said, 'I executed Darcy', that she had 'emptied a handgun' and that he had been 'executed' for the death of the republican Kenny."

Det Insp O'Malley said she confirmed the house had been staked out and claimed that no one else was with her. However, he continued: "I am absolutely satisfied she was with one other person, a suspected male accomplice, at that time." He added: "According to her, it wasn't mistaken."

The court heard Lynch had no known criminal convictions. She had left Limerick for England in her earlier years, had married twice and had borne four children.

After returning she worked as a community worker and counsellor in both drugs and suicide in Limerick and had studied for a degree in applied social studies and psychology.

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