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Suspect ‘has confessed’ to knife killings of women and children

The prime suspect for the murder of two women and two children has confessed to the killings, it was reported last night.

New details emerged of how Sarah Hines (25), her baby daughter Amy (five months), son Reece (3) and friend Alicia Brough died.

The suspect had a fight with Ms Hines in the kitchen of her Newcastle West home in Limerick on Monday morning, shortly after he arrived there.

As the intense argument became more physical, Ms Brough returned to the house from a trip to the shop with Reece and witnessed the mother being savagely assaulted.

Ms Brough attempted to intervene, but ultimately died alongside Ms Hines and the two children.

The revelations came after it emerged the prime suspect booked into a four-star hotel hours after the stabbings.

The 31-year-old unemployed Cork man proceeded to go on a drinking binge in Kilkee, Co Clare, after he left his victims to bleed to death.

The convicted criminal had spent the previous night drinking in a pub in Newcastle West before he murdered Ms Hines and her children in their Hazelgrove estate home.

Yesterday, the grieving Hines family said that the man responsible for the murders — who they knew — had a personal grievance with the young mother.

It is believed the suspect — who was being treated in Cork University Hospital last night for a stab wound inflicted to his arm during the murders — was contemplating committing suicide before he was arrested by gardai in a Kilkee bar on Tuesday.

Gardai are painstakingly piecing together his movements in the hours surrounding the quadruple murder.

Earlier this month, the suspected killer rented a room in a home in Newcastle West's Meadow Court estate. He spent Sunday night drinking vodka and beer in Flavin's pub in Church Street in the town before returning to his new accommodation.

After making his way to Ms Hines's home at 18 Hazelgrove on Monday morning, it is believed he stabbed all four victims.

They were left to die and their bodies were not discovered for over 24 hours.

After killing all four, he fled the town and boarded the 5.30pm Limerick bus to Ennis, subsequently travelling on to Kilkee.

Before 9pm, he booked into the four-star Stella Maris hotel in the tourist town.

On Tuesday, he had called a close friend from a bar in Kilkee and admitted that he had “done something terrible”.

The brother of Sarah, Chris Hines (23), said the man had a personal grievance with his sister.

He added that the Hines family never imagined that it would end with the horrific murders of Sarah and her children.

“We didn't think he was that type of fella — we didn't think he was capable of that,” he said.

Post-mortem examinations were taking place last night.

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