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Tara Foster who quit job to travel around Ireland on a bike has one special request for Irish men


Tara Foster planning trip around Ireland on a bike

Tara Foster planning trip around Ireland on a bike

Tara Foster planning trip around Ireland on a bike

Aussie-American TV producer Tara Foster, who is planning to cycle around Ireland on a push bike, has one very special request for Irish men.

Foster, 36, is planning an epic trip around Ireland with nothing but a €400 bicycle.

During her trip, Tara will be taking on challenges from the public through her Twitter feed.

When asked if she was hoping for any particular requests, there was one wish that she really wants to be fulfilled.

She really, really wants to be brought to an Irish wedding.

"I would be a great plus-one for a wedding, so if any guys want to send me an invite? It would be great. I'm going on this trip because I really want to have an Irish adventure and what's more Irish than a local wedding," she told Independent.ie.

If you're planning on asking the TV producer to be your date, you should know one small thing.

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"However, there is a catch. I don't have any dresses or shoes with me for weddings. I had no room on the bike to bring them," she said.

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Foster arrives in Dublin from Sydney on September 13. She is taking a few days to adjust from jetlag, then setting off on her journey from Wexford on September 18.

Her journey was partially inspired by Tony Hawks book - Round Ireland with a fridge.

She said: "It’s been six months in the making. I met a person here in Sydney, who cycled from Sydney to Melbourne on a cheap bike for a wedding. Also, my favourite book is 'Round Ireland With a Fridge' by Tony Hawks, so I thought why not.

"I haven't got any bad reaction from my friends. One of them even said: 'that's not crazy, it's just very Tara.'"

There is no set route, but Foster is planning on travelling wherever her Twitter-feed takes her.

"I've quit my job to do this. I put it up on my Facebook, because I really believe in this adventure. I'll go wherever the Twitter requests take me, whether that's up the coast, or down the south or wherever."

A couple of Twitter requests have already arrived in Tara's inbox.

She added: "An armoured combat group in Galway have asked me to take part in one of their challenges, so I will be donning the armour and taking part in a sword fight. There has also been a request for me to do stand-up comedy."

When asked about potential safety concerns for travelling around Ireland alone on a push bike, she said: "I feel that the good people will outnumber the bad and i have always liked the Irish. I haven't met an Irish person i didn't like.

"That's why I'm so active on social media, I feel that it'll make me safe even though I'm going solo.

"I am excited to see Ireland for what it is as a local. When you're in a car, you kind of just see things glide. by. This is a great opportunity to see Ireland firsthand. Weather and all."

You can follow Tara's adventure on @Taraustralis

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