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Tax inspectors claw back more than 11 million euro from defaulters

A model, a disgraced ex-judge and a restaurateur are among those to have been hit with big fines and bills by the taxman.

More than 11 million euro of special settlements was secured by inspectors from the Revenue in the tail end of last year.

The single biggest payback was made by David O'Connor, a landlord and company director with an address at North Main Street, Cork, who forked out 983,149 euro for under-declaration of income tax and VAT.

Other names on Defaulters' List were Sarah McGovern, a model from Stepaside, south Dublin, who had a bill for 37,355 euro over under-declaration of income tax.

Heather Perrin, the ex-judge convicted of deception, was left with a 297,937 euro payout after a court ruling in connection with the under-declaration of income tax.

The boss of upmarket restaurant on Dublin's Stephen's Green, Peploe's, was also named. Barry James Canny had to foot a bill for 38,904 euro also for the under-declaration of income tax.

In total the Revenue said 29 cases in the last three months of last year involved amounts over 100,000 euro and four of those breached the half million mark.

Farmer James Doherty of Ballyrobin, Ferrybank, Co Waterford, has had to fork out 839,110 euro for under-declaration of capital gains tax.

Carthage Keyes, a camper van sales agent from Cappincur, Tullamore, Co Offaly, has a total bill of 698,663 euro for under-declaration of capital gains tax, income tax and VAT.

Landlord Richard Larkin, with an address at Main Street, Clarenbridge, Co Galway, was hit with a bill for 832,637 euro for under-declaration of income tax and VAT and non-declaration of capital gains tax.

Revenue said the published settlements reflect only a portion of all its audits and investigations.

And it warned about a looming deadline of May 1 for "offshore matters" which will limit the opportunity for people to make a qualifying disclosure about tax liabilities for assets outside of Ireland.


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