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TD seeking to extend summer time

A Fine Gael TD will ask his senior government colleagues next week to extend the summer.

David Stanton has been a long-time campaigner to scrap the practice of putting the clocks back for winter.

"It will make a massive difference when the clocks change this weekend, and we could have that a month earlier," he said.

Now that his party is in power, he said he will press Justice Minister Alan Shatter, who has responsibility for official Irish time, at least to extend the number of days in so-called summer time.

Mr Stanton said it made sense for Ireland to follow the lead of the United States.

From 2007, most of the US began putting their clocks forward three weeks earlier in spring, and back a week later in autumn.

"I know other people want summer time all year round but that might be a bridge too far," he said. "Alan has always been very open-minded in everything so I'm sure he'll listen."

Mr Stanton said squeezing another month out of summer time - which is officially standard time in Ireland - could make an amazing difference to everyday lives.

In the US, it has been shown to have improved road safety, produced energy savings and increased time in the evenings to work and play outdoors, he said.

The Cork East TD said he will talk to Mr Shatter about the issue next week. Clocks and watches go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday, officially reverting from Irish winter time to standard time.


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