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TDs join anti-household tax protest

Nine TDs have joined forces with campaigners against the new household tax.

Half a million leaflets are being handed out by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT), which is calling for a national day of protest for residents opposing the 100 euro payment.

Spokeswoman Ruth Coppinger said its leaflets challenged so-called government propaganda and would reassure householders.

"Huge turnouts at the public meetings show the potential to win this campaign," she said.

The Department of Environment - which is also doing a leaflet drop of 1.6 million homes - confirmed 97,000 households had registered for the charge. The deadline to register is March 31.

Five members of the United Left Alliance and four Independent TDs handed out flyers on Grafton Street, Dublin, in response to the government.

Joan Collins, Mick Wallace, Thomas Pringle, Joe Higgins, Clare Daly, Luke Flanagan, Seamus Healy, John Halligan and Richard Boyd-Barrett are standing against the tax and proposals for water charges.

Ms Coppinger, of the Socialist Party, claimed the two taxes could rise to nearly 1,000 euro per household over coming years.

"This is not a charge to fund your local community, it is a tax to fund private speculators, bondholders and the bailout," she said.

"Our incomes and services are being decimated to pay this private debt. Now people have a chance to register their opposition by not registering for this tax."


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