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Teaching union agrees to pay talks

A teaching union that rejected the Croke Park pay agreement has agreed to enter talks with the government on the issue.

The Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland (ASTI) said it had suspended industrial action ahead of the talks.

After a meeting of the union's Central Executive Council, members repeated their rejection of the public service agreement, but confirmed they had nevertheless voted to enter talks with the Department of Education and Skills.

ASTI general secretary Pat King said the outcome of the talks will be put to a ballot of union members.

"Under-resourced schools are being further undermined by an increase in the pupil-teacher ratio and a moratorium on middle management posts," he said.

"Teachers have taken pay cuts and a worsening of their working conditions.

"Young teachers have lost jobs or had their hours reduced. The Croke Park Agreement asked teachers to sign up to a review of their contracts without detailing what such a review would encompass.

"This is the context in which ASTI members rejected the Croke Park Agreement and it is the context in which the ASTI will engage in talks with the department."


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