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Teenager has three toes sliced off larking about on a council mower

A Dublin teenager had three of his toes cut off after jumping on the back of a council mower cutting grass in a local park.

Brian Byrne (15), from Donomore Park in Tallaght, was playing with his brother and a friend when they hopped onto the machine that was working in Killinarden Park on Friday, August 13.

While the other two boys managed to get back off the mower, Brian got his foot caught and was dragged along.

His mother Sharon said Brian lost three-and-a-half toes and broke his foot in three places.

She added that he will have to learn to walk again, and warned other youths not to mess with such dangerous equipment.

“All three boys were on the machine but jumped off,” said Sharon.

“My son Luke had to somersault off and himself and his pal began to run but then they heard screaming and when they looked around Brian was caught and being dragged along by the mower,” she explained.

“Luke (13) saved his brother's life. He came running home and got me. I phoned an ambulance as I ran up but there was already one there when I got to the park,” Sharon said.

“Then I saw him lying there. It was devastating. He was in so much pain and he was barely conscious. I was told to keep talking to him to keep him awake,” she added.

Brian was taken by ambulance to Tallaght Hospital and has been in surgery three times. His toes could not be saved.

South Dublin County Council confirmed the incident involved a council tractor mower.

“A full investigation into all details surrounding the incident is under way at present,” the statement added.

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