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Telescopes to put on star show

The largest collection of telescopes ever seen in Ireland will be available to the public during a barbecue under the stars.

Astronomy Ireland's "Star-B-Q" will highlight the wonders of the universe via the dark skies of the highest village in the country - Roundwood in Co Wicklow.

There will be talks by Ireland's top astronomers and a special guest appearance by Sir Patrick Moore's The Sky At Night co-presenter Paul Abel, who will explain black holes at this year's event.

The International Space Station will blaze across the sky twice during the demonstration.

Chairman of Astronomy Ireland David Moore said more than 20 telescopes would be used tonight, powerful enough to see mountain ranges on Earth's moon, details from Jupiter's moons plus more distant galaxies which stretch to the horizon.

"It is like getting a strip of black velvet and pouring salt crystals on it, it is absolutely spectacular," he said.

"That is why we are going to the highest point in Ireland so that people can appreciate the wonders of the universe."


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