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'Terrible' Cameron put party before country - Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman laid into "pretty terrible prime minister" David Cameron in a late-night television appearance - blasting his EU referendum record as "well-nigh unforgivable".

The acerbic ex-Newsnight presenter took aim at the former PM, saying he put the Conservative Party ahead of the UK.

Mr Paxman, 66, well known for his no-nonsense approach to interviews, shared his damning indictment of Mr Cameron on Irish broadcaster RTE One's The Late Late Show on Friday.

He told the host Ryan Tubridy: "I'm not a great fan of Cameron, actually, if you really want to know. I think he probably knew that.

"You look at the Brexit referendum - what Cameron did was to put the interests of his party above the interests of his country and that seems to me to be well-nigh unforgivable.

"He put the whole question of the country's identity up for grabs in a referendum and then didn't even bother to make the case for staying in Europe.

"So I think he's got quite a lot on his conscience, I think he's been a pretty terrible prime minister actually."

Mr Cameron resigned as Tory leader, and then as MP for Witney, Oxfordshire, after a humiliating EU referendum defeat.

Mr Paxman stood down as presenter of the BBC's flagship political programme after 25 years as presenter in the summer of 2014.

Despite his low opinion of Mr Cameron, the journalist said he liked "chancer" Boris Johnson.

He said: "I quite like him actually. I think he's funny and you can forgive all sorts of things in someone who's funny."

Mr Paxman even said he was fond of Russell Brand who he clashed with over the entertainer's calls for young people not to vote.

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