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Terry Wogan tells of anguish over death of baby girl


Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan

Radio and TV legend Terry Wogan has revealed how he found no comfort in God when his baby girl Vanessa tragically died weeks after she was born.

In a frank interview with his friend Gay Byrne, he told how his wife Helen turned to prayer in her grief but he railed against the world when his first child died in 1966.

But in RTE's 'Meaning of Life' series last night, he said he had learned to come to terms with the heartbreaking loss over the years.

"I never forget it," he said. "You ask why it should happen to you. If you go through life you realise it is a lottery and I have been luckier than most in my life. Helen has the gift of faith and believes and goes to Mass and is Catholic."

He revealed how he felt flattered by the knighthood bestowed on him by the Queen of England a few years ago but he doesn't need to be addressed by his noble title. "It's very important in the context of the country I live. It's an accolade and I'm very flattered to receive it."

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