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The amazing recovery of boy (2) who fell five floors

By David Raleigh

A brave toddler who fell five floors from a hotel rooftop has made a miraculous recovery.

Neil Shanahan (2) has been described as the "flying boy" after he survived the fall from the sixth floor balcony to the first floor concrete area of the Strand Hotel in Limerick on July 2.

Neil has returned to his home in Farranshone, Co Limerick, after spending the past five weeks in the care of staff at Temple Street Children's Hospital.

His mother Martina is convinced that her little boy was saved in a series of miracles.

"I believe it was a miracle, I believe I got a dig out, I really do," the mum-of-three said. Neil spent much of his five weeks in hospital in intensive care, and he was put in a full body cast as doctors monitored his amazing recovery. Neil and his "thrilled" family arrived home in Farranshone, Limerick, last Friday night having endured a traumatic time since the incident.

"He spent 70 hours in a critical condition, I'm just so delighted he's home. I'm just so delighted I got my (boy) back. He's my life. I would never have got over it if we had lost him," Martina said.

Neil, who hasn't a mark on him, has been nicknamed "miracle boy" by family and neighbours.

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