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Thousands turn out for rallies in the Republic of Ireland

By Fiona Dillon

Thousands of people attended rallies across the Republic yesterday, expressing solidarity with the woman at the centre of the Ulster Rugby rape trial.

Details of the events had been circulated widely on social media beforehand.

A large crowd of around 1,000 people gathered at The Spire in Dublin at 12.30pm.

Many at the rally wanted to express solidarity not only with the woman at the centre of the case, but also others who have been affected by the issues raised during the distressing trial.

The demonstration lasted just over an hour, and a heavy shower did not deter the attendees.

Anna Duke (22), from Blessington, Co Wicklow, said she wanted to show support to the woman in the case and all women affected by it.

"It's time a change was made. I think the turn-out is amazing," she said.

Also at the rally was Ken McCue (63), from Smithfield in Dublin, who said he would like to see human rights courses for primary school kids from age 12 upwards.

He explained he taught cultural planning, human rights and ethics, and said he believed that children would benefit from such courses.

"It should continue right through their schooling, especially the ones involved in sport," Mr McCue added.

Dubliner Iseult Deane (21) said she thought the turnout was great.

"I think it's good to see so many young people out here. I think it's really powerful and good," she said.

Also in attendance was Jack Popeley (22), from Wexford, who said: "The turnout gives me a little bit of hope that there is change coming."

A number of similar events were held across Ireland.

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