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Three advises Donegal woman to 'translate name into English' to use website

By Catherine Devine

A young Irish woman has caused a stir online after she was told by phone company to 'translate her name into English' to use their website.

Caoimhe Ní Chatháil (21) from Donegal reached out to Three on Twitter to complain that she couldn’t use her Irish name on their website.

She was advised by customer service to “use her English name" as their system doesn’t recognise “special characters”.

Caoimhe who is a fluent Irish speaker said that the website failed to recognise the word “Ní”.

“The fact that it’s an Irish company and an Irish website means that it should be able to pick up Irish names. It’s another example of the disrespect and ignorance that people have of the Irish language,” Caoimhe said.

The phone company's response has sparked both backlash and hilarity on social media.

Three have apologised for the slip-up and said they are working to rectify the issue.

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