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Thursday 'worst for work accidents'

Thursday is the most dangerous day of the week in Irish workplaces, a study has revealed.

The State agency charged with assessing personal injuries claims also identified November as the worst month of the year for workplace accidents.

In its latest review, said it oversaw 22.5 million euro in compensation paid to some 830 employees last year - down from 25.1 million euro to 889 claimants the previous year.

The board, which adjudicates personal injury claims that do not go before the courts, said the drop in payouts reflected the fall in the number of people in employment over the same period.

Patricia Byron, chief executive of, said: "While our figures point to a downward trend in the number of claims for workplace accidents, the main driver for this is a contracting workforce rather than any notable advances in workplace health and safety programmes."

Limerick, Carlow, Kildare, Waterford and Louth had the highest number of awards for workplace accidents per head of population.

Roscommon, Cavan, Mayo, Donegal and Laois came bottom of the payout league. Leitrim had the highest average payout, at 46,578 euro, whereas Laois recorded the lowest, at 18,438 euro.

Sunday is considered the safest day - reflecting fewer people working at the weekend - while April is the safest month, according to the compensation figures.

Ms Byron said most payouts were made to employees in the manufacturing and production roles. Slips, trips and falls, defective equipment and poor lifting and handling of goods were the most common accidents.

"We are continually surprised by the volume of such foreseeable and preventable claims," she said.


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