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Toddler almost died after biting into dishwasher tablet that 'looked like a sweet'

The parents of a 17-month-old child have described a traumatic ordeal after their toddler bit into a dishwasher tablet.

Toddler Jenny Maher almost died after she suffered an extreme reaction and was placed in intensive care for a week.

Parents Colin and Sarah Maher are now issuing a public plea to ensure other families realise the dangers of household cleaning products, the Irish Daily Star reports.

Jenny was released from hospital last Friday after what was a terrifying few days for her parents.

"These dishwasher tablets are individually wrapped and look like sweets to children," said dad Colin.

"Jenny took it from the press and, like all children, she put it into her mouth

"My wife Sarah raced across the kitchen to take it out of her mouth but, at that stage, Jenny had bitten into it and some of the liquid got into her mouth."

The young child began to vomit immediately, but it wasn't long before mum Sarah realised Jenny was having difficulty in breathing.

She took her to the A&E Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, where they were met by a team of specialists from Dublin.

Jenny was transferred to a Dublin hospital where she was put into intensive care and remained there for a week.

"The doctors told us they see between 100 and 200 cases of this every year," Colin said.

"After it happening to us, we would advise all parents to keep household cleaning products and chemicals out of reach of children

"Also, many parents if they experience a situation whereby their child might put something like this in their mouth, the parents may just wait and observe to see if there are any adverse symptoms

"After what we have been through, we would advise any parent in this situation to bring their child to the hospital immediately," he continued.

"Had we delayed at all with Jenny, the outcome would have been a lot worse."

Colin and Sarah also praised the hospital staff involved and said their 'good deeds' need to be highlighted.

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