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Toddler is killed in Dublin apartment fall

By Conor Feehan

A toddler has fallen to her death from a third-floor window of an apartment in Dublin.

Andrea Gaziova, who was 20 months old, fell 30ft from her parents' flat yesterday.

Andrea's grandmother returned to the apartment in Finglas in tears with the tragic girl's older brother who is four.

"It is very sad. Very, very sad," she said before breaking down.

The family are believed to be from Slovakia.

Neighbours described how her parents screamed in terror as they tried to rush Andrea to hospital.

The toddler was in the apartment with her dad, Ondrej Gaziova, and her mum, Monika Godlova. A small bloodstain close to the wall marked where she lay critically injured after the fall.

Neighbour Emuobo Enona said he heard screaming shortly after 9am. "Everyone was screaming very loudly and I knew something was wrong," he said. "I opened my curtains and looked out, and they came running back and I could see the person, who I think was the father, had the little girl in his arms and everyone was shouting," he added.

"It didn't look good for the girl, she was bleeding from the nose and the mouth and I could see that her skull had been compacted at the side of her forehead.

"The parents were screaming to call an ambulance and I rang them. In the end we flagged down a taxi driver who was very concerned when he saw what was happening, and he drove them all straight to hospital," he added.

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