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Top 10 #PollingBoothPickUpLines for the Irish gay marriage referendum: 'Your democratic rights aren't the only thing you've been exercising'

The Irish gay marriage referendum gets cheeky

One of the more light-hearted hashtags trending on Twitter as the Republic of Ireland votes in today's referendum is #PollingBoothPickUpLines.

We've chosen our top 10 as the polling stations continue to take your votes:

1) 'I can see your democratic rights aren't the only thing you've been exercising'

2) 'Is that a tick in your box or are you should happy to see me?'

3) 'Girl, are you the 1996 Divorce Referendum resulty? ...Cause you're tight!'

4) 'You're vote is spoiled beacuse you're ticking all the right boxes'

5) '"Do you come here often?" "No, only whenever the government of the day mandates a nationwide vote" "...groovy..."'

6) 'No one has to know what happens in the privacy of the polling booth'

7) 'Don't wear your badge into my polling booth. In fact, don't wear anything at all'

8) From behind the curtain - "Yes, YES!!!" Sassy New York Mother waiting in line - "I'll have what she's having."

9) When do polls close tonight?? 10pm ?? Oh so you're free after ;)

10) Baby, vote yes and in just a few years you could be living in my mansion, in Phoenix Park.

Who knew using your vote could be such a hook up point?

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