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Top Irish school probes student prostitute charity trip claims

By Robin Schiller

A top private Dublin school is conducting an inquiry after two students allegedly engaged in a sex act with prostitutes during an overseas school trip in recent weeks.

Details of the alleged incident are contained in an audio Whatsapp message, which went viral on social media over the weekend.

It was alleged that the two students managed to sneak out of their supervised accommodation during one night, and went to a bar where they got drunk.

The two boys are then alleged to have brought two prostitutes back to their accommodation.

Department of Education officials did not respond to requests for comment when contacted by Officials also did not respond when contacted to see if the Department was aware of the incident or had launched an independent investigation.

However, it has been reported that disciplinary action is being considered by the school against a teacher who was responsible for the welfare of the teenager during the school trip.

The school trip in question involves a small group of students and teachers travelling to another country to exchange cultural experience and carry out charity work.

It’s understood this element of the trip had come to an end, and the students were staying in a nearby city towards the end of the trip which occurred during the summer holidays.

A number of these trips have been carried out over the years and this is the first incident where issues of any sort have occurred.

An account given of the incident included that two students were approached by a man on the street who convinced them to pay for the prostitutes.

They were then brought back to a property where students and teachers were staying at.

Further allegations have been made in relation to the incident, including that one of the prostitutes threatened to extort the teenager following the sexual encounter. It was also alleged that one of the women told the boys she was “sick”.

One of the students then admitted the incident to a teacher, who then informed fellow colleagues.

The teacher sought immediate medical treatment for the student.

Information on a previous trip relating to the school’s trip, which included images of the touring group and a brief biography of the trip, have been removed from the school’s website.

The school is considered one of the country’s most respectable fee paying schools with a number of high-profile alumni.

It has been reported that parents were told the trips have been successful, and that further such trips will be considered in the future.

The school was not available for comment when contacted.

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