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Tortured Quinn chief Kevin Lunney had 'QIH' carved into chest

Abducted: Kevin Lunney
Abducted: Kevin Lunney

Fermanagh businessman Kevin Lunney had the letters 'QIH' carved into his chest during an ordeal in which he was tortured for two-and-a-half hours.

His attackers used a knife to carry out the act, according to the Irish News.

Mr Lunney was abducted from his home in Derrylin last Tuesday by a gang of four masked men who also removed fingernails as well as breaking his leg in two places and damaging his face with a Stanley knife.

An area of land has been sealed off in Drumbade outside the Co Cavan village of Ballinagh since Sunday.

Gardai have seized a container that Mr Lunney may have been held in and its now the subject of a forensic examination by specialists from the Technical Bureau.

Sources said on Monday night that "significant forensic evidence" has been recovered.

"The container is being seized but due to its size, a crane will be brought in to recover it. This is the storage unit gardai believe Kevin Lunney was assaulted in," a source said.

The 50-year-old Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) director was dumped on the side of the road near Cornafean in Co Cavan after being abducted from his home and being held captive for almost three hours.

After the attack he was found by a local contractor.

Gardai have already identified a number of suspects they believe were either directly involved or orchestrated the abduction and torture.

This includes a Cavan criminal who was captured on CCTV buying bleach which was poured over Mr Lunney in an attempt to destroy any forensic evidence.

Gardai have increased patrols near homes of QIH board members who have received threats, or have been targeted, following the abduction and assault of Mr Lunney.

QIH director and chairman John McCartin said Mr Lunney remains in Drogheda Hospital where he is "as good as you could expect him to be".

He said Mr Lunney was "happy with the progress" he was making following an operation on one of his legs and that he is not expected to have any further surgery.

Investigations are continuing into death threats made against QIH directors, as well as arson attacks and other sinister attacks on people connected to QIH.

A number of incidents have been reported to both gardai and the PSNI but to date no one has yet been interviewed.

QIH director and chairman John McCartin has confirmed he received five separate threats at face-to-face meetings with a man.

During Mr Lunney's ordeal his captors said he, Mr McCartin and the other three members of the management team would be shot if they didn't resign immediately.

After consulting with company directors, Irish justice minister Charlie Flanagan has asked that Garda chief Drew Harris investigate his force's responses during the five-year campaign of violence and intimidation which culminated with the terrifying attack on Mr Lunney.

The investigation of the previously reported threats will form a separate strand to the main investigation into the actual abduction and torture of Mr Lunney last week.

The investigation into last week's assault is also trying to establish the identity of the person or persons who directed the gang to carry out the attack.

Officers are satisfied that a crime gang with links to former Provisional IRA members was paid to carry out the attack on Mr Lunney as part of a campaign of intimidation against five senior executives from QIH.

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