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Touching tribute to 'little souls' who died in blaze

A message in a book of condolence has bade farewell to five "little souls" killed in a blaze at a travellers' halting site.

The poignant note outside a supermarket in a pretty village close to the scene of Saturday's tragedy read : "Rest in peace little souls."

At the scene youngsters laid flowers, looking overawed by the occasion of one of Ireland's worst fire tragedies.

Another message said: "Fly high with the angels."

Behind the police cordon a child's buggy and a youngster's chair lay abandoned, a moment frozen in time as forensics officers combed the scene.

The articles of any childhood were juxtaposed with Garda vehicles and the mangled remains of one of the blackened prefabs which caught fire on Saturday - which one well-wisher said was every parent's nightmare.

Among the tributes were a white teddy bear on a horse and an icon of the Virgin Mary with a baby Jesus.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to some children who had visited to lay flowers, asking had they heard the ambulances which arrived on Saturday night - too late for some.

Dublin's firefighters risked their lives to rescue the injured from fierce flames, a debt acknowledged by members of the travelling community and local dwellers who piled flowers on top of flowers.

One bunch was balanced so precariously it fell and another well-wisher picked it up again, placing it delicately on top of the growing heap of bouquets.

It took up half the footpath on a busy roadside which led towards the beautiful hills which surround Dublin.

Sunday joggers slogging up the hill paused momentarily to pay respects. Well-wishers blessed themselves after saying prayers.

And the forensics experts in hard hats continued their work.

Well-wisher Clare Clifford, 32, a new mother from the nearby village of Stepaside, empathised.

"I had a bereavement in my own family a couple of months ago and can only imagine what having ten members of your family killed must be like, family and friends, it is unbelievable.

"The loss of young life... it is very sad."


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