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Tourists saved after sat-nav gaffe

Two Chinese tourists have been rescued from the Wicklow mountains in sub-zero temperatures after their sat-nav steered them into impassable wintry conditions.

The couple left Glendalough bound for south Dublin at 7.40pm on Christmas evening in their rental car and the gadget directed them to cross the treacherous Sally Gap.

They were forced to call gardai, who contacted Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue team.

"Many people who live or travel in the Wicklow mountains would be familiar with the extremely difficult, and at times, impassible conditions of the Military road," a spokesman for the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team said.

"Unfortunately, the tourist couple appear not to realise the dangerous nature of the journey that their on-board computer was advising them to undertake."

The couple were said to be shaken by their ordeal but uninjured.

Mountain rescue personnel have urged motorists to stay away from difficult routes during the wintry snap, even though a thaw is on the way.

While a significant snow melt will begin on Sunday, drivers are being warned that rain falling on top of ice will create treacherous conditions.


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