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Triumph and thrilling climax to the Dublin Horse Show

By Louise Parkes

There were thrills, there were splashy spills and there was triumph at the Dublin Horse Show - it was the most exciting Nations Cup in many moons as Ireland romped home to a victorious finish.

The rafters were lifted as the Irish show-jumping team raised their hats in triumph.

For Cian O'Connor, his 100th cap for Ireland could scarcely have been sweeter as he held the Aga Khan trophy aloft with a beaming smile on his face.

In no other arena is the deep, abiding, age-old Irish love for the horse more palpable than here. It even stretched to heartfelt groans and clicks of grave sympathy invoked as competing riders knocked fences and clocked up the faults.

Enjoying every moment viscerally was Eddie Macken.

The showjumping legend - who represented Ireland 27 times in the Nations Cup and now lives in Canada - said: "I know what Friday in Dublin is all about."

"The crowd didn't want anybody to lose.

"But we wanted to win all the same."

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