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Two men jailed over conspiracy to murder Dublin man

Alan Wilson, 40, and Joseph Kelly, 39, were secretly recorded by gardai revealing details of the planned attack.

The pair were jailed over the conspiracy (Niall Carson/PA)
The pair were jailed over the conspiracy (Niall Carson/PA)

Two men who conspired to kill Dublin man Gary Hanley have been jailed over the murder plot.

Alan Wilson, 40, and Joseph Kelly, 39, were secretly recorded by gardai revealing details of the planned attack.

Wilson was handed a six-year prison sentence while Kelly, who also admitted a weapons charge, was jailed for 12 years at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt told the court that Wilson had engaged in a “widely-drawn conspiracy of a serious nature”.

He added that Wilson was planning to kill at the “behest” of a serious criminal gang and that he was frequently involved in the planning of the murder.

He also told the court that he was prepared to carry out the murder for “financial gain”.

Wilson, of New Street Gardens, Dublin, and Kelly, from Kilworth Road in Drimnagh, admitted conspiring with other named people to murder Mr Hanley between September 15 and November 6 2017.

Kelly previously pleaded guilty to possessing a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with intent to endanger life at Philipsburgh Avenue, in Dublin on November 6 2017.

The court was told that gardai set up a surveillance operation on Alan Wilson, Joseph Kelly and named others, in August 2017.

Gardai monitored the gang member’s movements and heard audio of the accused discussing details of the attack, including areas identified as “burn zones” to destroy the cars involved and the “best routes” to escape.

Wilson was heard instructing Kelly to go and “do what you have to do”.

Kelly was also heard saying “hit him in the chest or something first” but not to do a “kamikaze attack”, adding that if they do not get him, “we don’t get paid”.

The court was told that when got the gun, Kelly described it as a “toy”.

Gardai intercepted the vehicle they were travelling in on November 6 2017, close to where Mr Hanley  lived.

Officers found a bag containing a semi-automatic pistol with a silencer and ammunition in the van.

The judge said that the gun was found to be in working condition.

Kelly, who has 64 previous convictions, including robberies, assault and various vehicle hijackings, has a serious heroin addiction which has been at the root of his issues, the court heard.

He has also spent most of his adult life in prison.

The judge went on to compliment the gardai for their “excellent work” to save lives.

He added that Kelly was not the organiser behind the “deadly offence” and he was not working out of any personal circumstances, nor was he working “out of threat”.

He added that his motivation was for financial gain for his drug addiction and not out of “pure greed”.

The judge added that both were caught “red-handed”.

He also noted that the organisers of such enterprises depend on the participation of such people performing key roles in drug-related criminality.

The judge also remarked that the planned murder was to take place in a populated urban area.

He added that Kelly has been on a downward spiral into criminal activity, adding that he has a “difficult family background” and has suffered serious illness.

Wilson was jailed for six years while Kelly was given 13 years for the weapons charge, with 18 months suspended.

He was sentenced to another six years for conspiracy which will run concurrently.

The sentences were backdated to November 6 2017.



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