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Two-thirds 'don't use all holidays'

Nearly two-thirds of workers fail to use all their annual leave days each year, new research has revealed.

Some 62% have days left over come the end of the year, mainly because they are too busy in work to use their full holiday allowance.

The survey conducted by showed that 52% of workers have at least two unused days a year, while 21% have up to five days outstanding.

The organisation's Kate Hopcroft said the figures reflect the economic climate.

"The findings of this research appear to be reflective of the current economic situation, where people are working longer hours than ever before," Ms Hopcroft said.

"However, it is surprising to see that two-thirds of people are not taking their holidays especially when almost one in four people can't carry them into the next year."

The research, in which 160 Irish workers were polled, found that 12% of workers are afraid to use their annual leave days due to pressure at work.

It also showed that over half (55%) feel resentful that they do not get to take their holidays.

However, 11% of those polled said people should not use up all their holidays if it is too busy at their workplace.

And while 41% are allowed to carry over unused holidays to the following year, almost one in four (24%) are not.

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