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U2's The Edge comes to the rescue of US tourists in Ireland

Bono and the Edge
Bono and the Edge

The Edge of U2 fame came to the aid of some tourists from San Francisco when he reunited them with their lost passports and luggage this week.

The father and his two children were shocked to find that a rucksack that contained their passports was missing when they arrived at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney.

"It was their last night in Ireland and they were supposed to be flying home the next day so the father was panicked," explained hotel reception manager Luighsighe Kenny to the Irish Daily Star.

A spokesperson for U2 said she believed the Edge was walking past Killiney DART Station with a friend and found the luggage. A contact number was left by the pair at the station for the owners of the luggage to contact them.

The luggage was then delivered to the American visitors' hotel... With a special gift.

"The Edge left a souvenier U2 CD in the bag which was signed and had the message, 'hope your journey ends well'," explained Luighsighe.

"It was amazing because the father was a huge U2 fan and went to see one of thier live shows in the 80s," she added.

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