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UFC star Conor McGregor goes on Facebook rant over poppy stance: ‘Fu** you and the Queen’

Irish UFC star Conor McGregor has taken to Facebook to launch an attack on the those who have criticised his decision to wear a poppy with Remembrance Day looming.

The Dublin fighter posted a comment on his official Facebook page after pictures of him wearing a poppy at a UFC event in 2013 were circulated on social media.

In a strongly worded Facebook post, McGregor says he does not need a “stupid little flower” to illustrate his national allegiance, adding he had the blood “of many nations" on his gloves.

“I know where my allegiance lies and what I do for my country,” he wrote.

“I don't need a stupid little flower with a 100 different meanings to tell me if I do or do not represent my country.  Check the facts of its original meaning.

“ALL soldiers. ALL wars. I have the blood of many nations on my gloves. Fought and beat on the world stage.

“You have a pint in your hand and a Celtic jersey on in your local. Fu** you and the Queen.”

November 11th marks the memorial day, also known as Poppy Day, observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

Irish international James McClean has come in for strong criticism in some quarters for his refusal to wear a poppy, while the Dublin fighter has also come in for abuse for his decision to wear one.

There has been a huge response to McGregor's Facebook post, with the controversial stance receiving more than 10,000 likes within half an hour.

Many of the comments left under the post were unhappy with the tone of the statement.

“I find the fact you refer to yourself as a soldier disrespectful to our true warriors that have bled and fought on battlefields,” said one person.

“Do you really feel the need to justify the doubters by saying "F**k the Queen" only lose respect from the fans for that. Don't alienate the people that cheer for you, it's not classy,” said another.

An hour later McGregor sent a tweet where he seemed to acknowledge the social media storm he had created.

"Fu** politics and fu** religion.  I just want to swing a few lefts and a few rights for a couple of hundred mill in peace."

McGregor will face Jose Aldo for a title unification bout on December 12th.

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