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Ulster couple raise 13 pairs of glasses to historic surgery

A retired couple, who owned 13 pairs of glasses between them, now have perfect vision thanks to groundbreaking eye surgery.

Tony Canning (68), a retired garda and his wife, Marie (63), a retired teacher, from Castlefin in Co Donegal, made history when they became the first couple in Ireland to undergo the revolutionary procedure.

The MPlus lens exchange surgery, which has been dubbed 'laser for the over 40s', can restore 20:20 vision in most patients, regardless of age.

The new procedure was carried out by one of Ireland's leading eye specialists Professor Jonathan Moore from Belfast's Cathedral Eye Clinic.

The professor, who lectures on the procedure to other eye specialists from around the world, confirmed they were the first couple to avail of the latest in refractive surgery.

"I have been working to help develop new techniques and the MPlus lens replacement is the very latest technology. It's the next step forward and it's a huge step forward," he said.

To celebrate their new lenses, which were fitted at Belfast's Cathedral Eye Clinic, the delighted pair threw away 13 pairs of glasses.

"I had two sets of glasses and I was forever lifting the wrong ones," confessed Tony, who is originally from Mohill, Co Leitrim.

Marie, who is originally from Shercock, Co Cavan, hated all 13 pairs of glasses they once owned.

"When I read about the Cathedral Eye Clinic, I had to check it out.

"My life has completely changed. All the little things you do every day have become so easy again. I can do simple things like reading the paper or threading a needle on my sewing machine," she said.

"Neither of us is fumbling about the house anymore looking for glasses -- and blaming each other for lifting them!" laughed Marie.

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