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Union Jack 'could help flagging Irish tourism'

By Thomas Molloy

The Union flag could be flying in Dublin after a radical report into the declining fortunes of the Republic's tourism industry suggested it would make British visitors feel more comfortable.

The Republic's share of the world tourism market has plummeted in the past decade, a confidential report carried out by consultants Felim O'Rourke and Jermoe Casey revealed.

The report also described the city's museums as "serious and boring" and suggested ideas aimed at reversing the 53% decline in British tourists between 2007 and 2010 to the city.

These ideas included flying the Union flag.

"Given the fact that no UK flag is flown over hotels, restaurants or other tourist attractions in Dublin (although up to eight other national flags can be seen), may arouse in British visitors an emotion stronger than surprise," it read.

The report also called for new attractions such as a literary museum and a fresh food market.

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