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Union threatens action on pay deal

A union representing lower ranked public servants has threatened industrial action if measures in the one billion euro state pay deal are enforced.

The Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU), one of a number of bodies to pull out of crunch talks on the new pay agreement, claimed that their members have nothing more to give.

The union's executive committee will make its official ruling on Thursday in response to the draft agreement published yesterday by the Labour Relations Committee.

But general secretary Eoin Ronayne said the committee is expected to advise members to vote against the new pay deal when it goes to the ballot.

He added that workers may resort to industrial action because nothing more can be squeezed from them.

"I wouldn't rule it out," Mr Ronayne said.

"It's a traditional tool of all trade unions. What type of industrial action when it will be taken will be considered at a later date."


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