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Unions plan anti-austerity protest

Trade union leaders are organising a mass demonstration against austerity ahead of the Budget.

Congress, an umbrella group of Irish unions, is urging members to turn out for the protest on October 12.

Congress president John Douglas said the gathering will demand an end to public spending cuts.

"The failed policies of austerity have led to excessively high levels of unemployment, increased poverty levels, driven unsustainable income inequalities, increased levels of precarious working and crucially suppressed domestic demand for goods and services by attacking those on low and middle incomes," he said.

"With Budget 2014 coming, many low-paid workers are genuinely anxious about what's in store for them.

"Our message to government is quite simple - we're demanding an end to austerity and an end to cuts."

The rally will start at 1pm at the Garden of Remembrance, three days ahead of the Budget.

"Continuing the failed austerity experiment will be resisted by trade unions and community groups across Ireland and we will not simply lie down while the wealthy avoid paying their fair share," said Mr Douglas.

The demonstration is being backed by the country's largest trade unions, including Siptu, CPSI and Unite.


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