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United Ireland will happen in five years, claims senator

Mark Daly
Mark Daly

By Staff Reporter

A Fianna Fail senator is predicting that there will be a united Ireland in five years' time.

Kerry representative Mark Daly (45) claims that because of Brexit, many in Northern Ireland's unionist community are now more open to the idea of reunification.

Senator Daly told Dublin's Sunday Independent he had met many former paramilitaries and Church leaders in Northern Ireland.

"Some are saying that maybe a united Ireland would be better than a Brexit Britain," he said.

"They are contemplating it for the first time, but the problem is nobody in the Republic or in our government has given them the vision or explained what this new Ireland would look like.

"The truth is, it's not going to be the nightmare that unionists believe, or the dream that republicans expect. It will be a 'new Ireland' with compromise."

He told the paper that there will no longer be a unionist majority in in two years' time.

"We will see a unionist minority in 2021, and a unionist voting minority by 2023," he said.

But he described as "reckless" the absence of Irish preparations for the political and social challenges that a united Ireland would pose.

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