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Viable explosive device could have killed someone, police warn

A controlled explosion was carried out in Carrickfergus.

Police have condemned an explosive attack in Carrickfergus which they said could have killed someone.

A viable device was destroyed in a controlled explosion after it was found outside a house in the Marshallstown Road area at around 10.30pm on Saturday, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said.

Chief Inspector Simon Ball said: “The resident of the house reported hearing a bang and saw a flash at the front of his house and initially thought that a firework had gone off.

“He was the only person in the house at the time and, although he was not hurt, he was left shocked by the incident.

“A controlled explosion was carried out on the object which was outside the front door but had not detonated. It was later declared a viable device.

“This was a reckless attack in a residential area and, had the device exploded, it could have caused serious injury or even death.”

People living in the area were evacuated from their homes and several roads were closed.

Chief Inspector Ball urged witnesses to come forward.


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