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Video: Irish kayaker gets up close and personal with giant basking shark

Warning: Some strong language

By Mark McConville

Incredible footage taken off the Donegal coast by Graham Smith shows the keen kayaker coming face-to-face with a huge basking shark – one of the biggest inhabitants of the sea.

He admits the encounter was nerve-wracking: “Just a bit too close, nearly needed a clean pair of trousers after this one lol,” he said.

Smith got so close to the basking shark he added: “He shot under the kayak and was no more than three feet away from me.”

“I realised he is trying to feed in my slipstream, at the back of my kayak,” he continued.

When the basking shark swam straight towards him, with its mouth gaping open he said: “At first I thought it was an act of aggression, but when I went to leave him alone - he followed me for at least ten minutes feeding. It was amazing!”

“He was following me, I wasn’t chasing him and he seemed to be having a great feed.”

At the end of the video he describes the moment as "unreal!"

Basking sharks are the world’s second largest fish, with some growing between six and eight metres long.

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