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Video: Ryanair may ditch sexy cabin crew calendar

Ryanair’s calendar girls may become a thing of the past under its new customer friendly approach

The group’s head of marketing said that its annual calendar, which features scantily-clad Ryanair air hostesses may be consigned to the history books.

The calendar raises much needed funds for charity but has been repeatedly been cited as an example of corporate misogyny.

Kenny Jacobs said that the company is considering scrapping the calendar.

Speaking at digital marketing conference DMX Dublin, Mr Jacobs outlined a host of new initiatives being rolled out at Ryanair.

The low-cost airline is currently undergoing a major image revamp in a drive to appease customers and tackle growing competition in the short-haul markets.

The Irish airline is one of the first to introduce radical technology changes to the boarding process.

“Eventually we’ll all be using something on our wrist to board an aircraft,” he said.

In the short term, technology is being rolled out that will let passengers board using their mobile devices.

The airline is pursuing a data-driven approach to sales and will gather customer information on new online booking facility ‘My Ryanair’, Mr Jacobs said.

Passengers can save details like their passport number online so they don’t have to enter it in future.

“Eventually we want people to be able to book a holiday with two or three clicks” he said.

It has started fixing what customers didn’t like, he said, calling a new rule which allows passengers to take a second carry-on bag on board “a phenomenal success”.

But he dismissed suggestions that Ryanair would abandon its decision to fly to peripheral airports far from city centres, like Paris Beauvais, which are generally cheaper for the airline. “There’ll be primary and secondary airports,” he stated.

Media reports had suggested it was abandoning this approach in an effort to win more over more business travellers.

But Mr Jacobs said that this was not the case.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “Passengers love flying to Beauvais.

“There loads of airports that want to work with us... there’ll be more of what you’d categorise as primary airports... but that’s an evolution, not a change of strategy.

“There’ll be primary and secondary airports.”

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