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Vigil remembers 174 murdered women

A vigil is being held to remember the 174 women who were violently murdered in the last 16 years.

The memorial took place close to the home of Irene White in Dundalk, where she was stabbed to death seven years ago.

Her sister Anne Delcassian said the event was a time for friends and family to remember the mother of three and demand change to make women safer in their own homes.

She will also launch the European Alliance Justice For Families, which wants to develop family justice centres across Europe and changes in legislation.

"The vigil is about change," said Mrs Delcassian. "I want to look at what changes can be made to make women safer in their own homes. How change can be implemented and developed."

Mrs Delcassian said the vigil was also an important reminder to those intimately involved in the planning and execution of Mrs White's murder to contact investigators.

Mrs Delcassian - who believes her sister feared for her safety and knew she was going to be killed - called on a suspect seen running through a nearby park and getting into a dark-coloured car parked with its engine revving to come forward.

"I would like to meet you and ask you to face me, and answer my questions," she said.

Other families of victims also attended the vigil in the Ice House Hill Park on Demesne Road to remember their own loved ones.

When Mrs Delcassian first held a vigil in 2007, on her sister's second anniversary, 126 women murdered as a result of violence since 1996 were represented. "Now the figure stands at over 174 female homicide victims," she said. "So nothing has changed in the last five years."

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