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Village bids farewell to Carrey's ex-lover Cathriona White as star jets in for funeral

By Caroline Crawford

Jim Carrey's former girlfriend Cathriona White was a shy, private woman who was devoted to her family and friends.

Her tragic death laid bare all aspects of her short life, including a Hollywood career, famous boyfriend and Vegas wedding.

As the young woman's body arrived back home yesterday to her tight-knit village of Cappawhite in Tipperary, hundreds gathered to pay tribute to the actress and comfort her devastated family. Carrey (53) was expected to fly into Ireland by private jet from Los Angeles at the invitation of the White family. He is set to attend her Requiem Mass today.

"That smile that lit up a room" was how one friend remembered her yesterday, adding that they would always picture her dancing.

Another told how the last text they received from Cathriona just days before her death read: "Hey babe, checking on you, if you need me I'm here for you and I love you." The friend added: "She was in pain herself, but checking on me to see what I needed. That really sums up who she was."

Her devastated family recalled her as "a shining light in our lives who was loved deeply by her entire family".

Despite a move to Los Angeles in 2009, the unassuming make-up artist kept her home close to her heart. Local councillor and family friend Mary Hanna Hourigan recalled her as "a quiet and gentle girl".

Her close-knit family, especially her father Pat, were hugely proud of her. Cathriona and her siblings were reared by their father after the breakdown of their parents' marriage.

Yet as an undocumented immigrant in the US, Cathriona was unable to fly home when her father died from cancer in 2012.

After the sudden death of the 30-year-old, her sister, Lisa, and stepmother, Brid, travelled to the US to bring Cathriona home to Cappawhite for her funeral. She will be laid to rest today beside the father she adored.

Despite working in the movie industry, Cathriona was never comfortable in the limelight that came when she began dating Carrey. She and the actor had an on-off relationship for three years, which ended again last month.

In 2013, Cathriona married fellow scientologist and cameraman Mark Burton in Las Vegas, but the couple had since separated and Cathriona was planning to begin divorce proceedings in December.

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