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Warning over risk of house fires during heatwave

Firefighters have warned of exploding aerosols and dangerously positioned mirrors starting house blazes as temperatures soar across the country.

As the mini-heatwave kicked in, Dublin Fire Brigade cautioned against putting potentially lethal everyday objects in direct sunlight.

On its Twitter account, it posted pictures of hanging crystal beads, table mirrors and cans of deodorant.

It stated: "It's going to be another sunny day. Have you any of these in your window? Move them. Direct strong sunlight can cause a fire or explosion."

The firefighters said they are trying to raise awareness of how the sun can cause fires.

Footage of the charred aftermath of one house fire, where a mirror had been positioned in the window, was also uploaded.

The fire brigade said: "This domestic was most likely caused by this mirror. Watch."

The warning comes as forecasters predict top temperatures of up to 25c in certain parts of the country during Thursday.

The mercury is set to rise even further on Friday, to as high as 26c.

However, Met Eireann has also warned of outbreaks of showery and possibly heavy and thundery rain.

The midlands and the east are predicted to stay dry with good sunny spells with cooler weather along the south and west.


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