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Water to return 'in next few days'

Water supplies are expected to be restored in most locations outside Dublin over the next few days, officials have said.

The Department of Environment said that while there are still pockets in some counties where limited or no piped supply is available, the situation is improving.

Gerry Galvin, principal adviser in water services, said reservoirs in Dublin saw an improvement on Thursday night as supply exceeded demand.

However demand for water is exceeding supply capacity on several water supplies around the country, including across counties Clare, Galway and Mayo.

Mr Galvin said: "It is important that people heed the message to conserve water as this eases the pressure on the system generally. Progress continues to be made around the country with the expectation that supply will be restored in most locations outside Dublin over the next few days."

Mr Galvin said every effort is being made to resolve the situation in areas left without water, where residents are being supplied by tankers or standpipes.

He again called on people to conserve water use and warned that even following the restoration of supply, night-time restrictions may continue to apply in order to fully replenish reservoirs.

He added: "The situation will continue to be monitored over the weekend to assess the impact of the relaxation of restrictions over New Year's Eve and the effect of increased commercial/industrial demand from Tuesday onwards.

"Agreement has been reached between Louth County Council and the Northern Ireland Water Service on the provision by Louth Council of at least 100,000 litres of drinking water per day by tanker.

"Local authorities will continue to work over the bank holiday weekend in order to maintain progress in restoring supplies."


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