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'We all have to grow up' - Mrs Brown urges Ireland to vote yes in gay marriage referendum

By Claire Williamson

Fictional matriarch Mrs Brown has urged Ireland to vote yes in the upcoming gay marriage referendum.

In the video posted online, actor Brendan O'Carroll - as his famous alter-ego says: "Any two people who feel in love enough should be allowed to get married".

Mrs Agnes Brown is the main character from hit BBC comedy Mrs Brown's Boys about an opinionated Irish mother and the lives and adventures of her six children.

In the programme Mrs Brown's son Rory is gay and in the video she says she wants to see him get the "same opportunity for happiness as everybody else's son".

She continues: "When I was a young girl, there was a big who-ha about mixed marriages, catholics marrying protestants and black people marrying white people, but you know, they still went and got married and the world didn't end".

"We all grew up a little bit and we all have to  grow up a little bit now," she adds.

"Marriage isn't easy, changing the law isn't easy and changing attitude is even harder, but we can do it, we've done it before and the world didn't end.

"I know that some of you think it's not right but all I can tell you from my experience is that I can't describe the joy I feel to see my son Rory having the same opportunity for happiness as anybody else's son.

"And that's all I ask for him, the opportunity."

She adds: "Whatever go out and vote that's the important thing".

Voters in the republic of Ireland will decide on May 22 whether to accept gay marriage in what campaigners have called a monumental referendum.

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