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We must all contribute says Gilmore

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore has insisted high earners will have to suffer pain along with everyone else after Dublin Airport Authority chief Declan Collier was forced to give up his controversial bonus.

Mr Gilmore said he is pleased the airport chief backed down over the 106,100 euro deferred payment, which was agreed despite a ban on bonuses to semi-state company bosses.

"We want everybody to make their contribution to the way in which this country has to get out of its difficulties and that includes people who are on the highest levels of earnings and it includes people who have up to now been in receipt of bonuses," he said.

Mr Gilmore added that the Government had been very clear from the beginning that everyone will have to share in the pain necessary to turn the economy around.

"The Government's position in relation to bonuses has been very well known for some time and I think, in fairness, this issue was resolved within a relatively short period of time, as far as these things go," he said.

Earlier, Transport Minister Leo Varadkar signalled a review will be set up into the awarding of bonuses in semi-state bodies.

Mr Varadkar told RTE he is also seeking to slash 15% from the pay of semi-state chief executives in future.


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