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Whale spotted in River Liffey found dead near Dublin Port

A whale that had been spotted swimming in Dublin Bay this week has died.

A fin whale has been found dead (Irish Defence Forces, Air Corps/PA)
A fin whale has been found dead (Irish Defence Forces, Air Corps/PA)

By Aine McMahon PA

A whale that was spotted in the River Liffey this week has been found dead near Dublin Port.

Port workers found the 25ft long juvenile fin whale on Friday morning.

The whale was originally thought to be a Minke whale but is now believed to have been a fin whale – the second biggest animal in the world after the blue whale.

Conal O’Flanagan, of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, said the whale was first spotted swimming very close to the shore near Howth in Dublin.

“It is quite unusual to see a whale that size swimming in shallow water so we knew he was ill or in trouble.”

The whale was spotted by members of the public on Wednesday, swimming near Dublin Port.

“We’re not sure why he ended up there but when we seen him, it was clear he was in ill health and disorientated. You would usually spot fin whales in deeper water further down the east coast in Co Waterford. He was a long way from his hunting ground,” said Mr Flanagan.

He said the whale was regarded as a hazard to ships in the area so its remains have been towed further out to sea where they are expected to sink.



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