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Widow of PSNI man Carroll raps Easter Rising re-enactment of police man murder

By Cate McCurry

The re-enactment of a police officer being shot dead by Irish Volunteers during the Easter Monday 1916 commemorations in Dublin has been criticised by the widow of the first PSNI officer murdered by republicans.

The RIC officer, played by actor James McMahon, fell to the ground as another actor playing an Irish Volunteer held a gun at his head outside Dublin Castle yesterday. Sixteen policemen died during the Rising.

Kate Carroll's PSNI husband Stephen was shot dead by dissident republicans in Craigavon in March 2009 as he responded to a 999 call.

She said: "It's terrible that because someone wears a uniform they are targeted. It's a bit sick to do that.

"But down through the years there have been re-enactments like this, which is silly and stupid, because in this day and age you think we would have the mentality to move on and leave the past in the past.

"If I had seen that I would have been very, very upset.

"It beggars belief that people are so far behind in their thinking that they want to kill a person in a uniform, which is disgusting. I'll never get to the bottom of why a person wants to kill another human being because they are wearing a uniform. Another generation is going to be indoctrinated into this by seeing those images."

Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kennedy said: "I think the re-enactment of graphic events give rise to concern given not only the historical context, but the reality that there are still republicans who believe in a violent response to change the constitutional position.

"The use of graphic re-enactment needs to be carefully considered because there are too many modern day republicans who would still apply some of those lethal methods."

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