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'Wiped' points probe report due

Justice Minister Alan Shatter will on Wednesday publish the report of an internal Garda investigation into the alleged wiping of penalty points for high-profile figures.

Names of those at the centre of the controversy - including sports stars, judges and journalists - will be redacted from the findings when they are made public.

Mr Shatter is expected to hold a press conference.

The inquiry was ordered after a small band of Independent TDs claimed last year there was a wide-spread practice within the Garda of clearing driving licences of penalty points without good reason.

Two Garda whistleblowers went to the TDs over the alleged practice.

It later emerged that one of the politicians fronting the expose, Luke Ming Flanagan, had himself had penalty points wiped from his driving licence on two occasions.

John O'Mahoney, assistant commissioner in the force, carried out the investigation.


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