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Woman 'shocked' she survived after swan collides with windscreen

WARNING: Some readers may find these photographs distressing

By Valerie Edwards

A disorientated swan flew straight through a motorist's windscreen on the busy Cork-Limerick road.

Mary Murphy, was driving from Mallow to Cork at noon yesterday, when the swan smashed directly into her windscreen.

She said she was terrified and believed that the swan was sick or disorientated since it was flying so low over the busy road.

Mary said: "I am still shaking over what happened.

"There was no warning at all. The swan just hit the windscreen. It was like a bomb going off.

"Thankfully, I didn't brake hard because if I had I definitely would have been hit from behind by other cars on the road."

The swan was killed instantly and the force of the impact drove the bird through the windscreen, knocking off Mary's rear view mirror. The bird ended up lying wedged on top of the steering column.

After the incident, Mary was still in the fast lane on the motorway, but managed to pull over on the hard shoulder and bring her Suzuki SX4 to a safe stop, avoiding other cars on the road.

Mary released photos of the incident to Cork radio station, RedFM.

After bringing her car to a stop, she was helped by passing motorist, Alan Burke, who saw what had happened.

Gardai and vehicle recovery experts were on the scene within minutes.

Mary said: "The man who towed the car away for repairs said he has been in the business for years and it was the first time he had ever heard of a swan hitting a car."

The accident occurred between the Blarney and Killeens junctions on the Cork-Limerick road.

Source Irish Independent


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