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Women arrested after topless brawl outside school

Two women have been arrested following a topless brawl in front of children.

The fight broke out at around 9.15am when parents were bringing their children to schools and child-minding facilities in Doon, Co Limerick.

One eye-witness said: "It was surreal, unbelievable. They just went at each other. Biting, scratching, pulling hair, kicking, everything, you name it.

"They were beating the heads off each other. The next thing the tops were pulled off each other and then a bra went flying through the air.

"You would think that this would have stopped them, but not a bit of it, they kept at it.

"It wasn't a few slaps either, this was vicious stuff. There was blood on the ground."

It is understood that the two women involved in the row at Monastery Road last Friday morning, both aged in their 30s, were the best of friends but have had a serious falling out in recent times.

Following garda investigations, two women were arrested on Monday.

They were released without charge with a file to be sent to the DPP.

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