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Republican Sinn Fein links soldier murders to 'British occupation'

By David Gordon

Republican Sinn Fein has linked the Antrim murders with the continung presence of “British occupation troops” in Ireland.

The dissident organisation’s President, veteran republican Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, also spoke of “hard realities” having to be faced in relation to loss of life.

Mr Ó Brádaigh was a leading figure in Provisional IRA up to the 1980s, when he walked out over the dropping of its abstentionism policy towards the Dail.

He said yesterday: “For more than 20 years Republican Sinn Féin has been warning that the lessons of Irish history have been that as long as the British government and British occupation troops remain in Ireland there will be Irish people to oppose their presence here.”

He also said that it had only been a matter of days since it had been “announced that undercover British troops were being brought back into this country”.

His statement added: “While everyone regretted loss of life, the hard realities of the situation in Ireland must be faced.”

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