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Residents' pyjama ban drama drives mamas bananas

By Victoria O'Hara and Emily Moulton

Belfast residents have told how they'd been handed a pyjama ban!

Residents at Ardmoulin Mews flats in the Divis area of west Belfast were left outraged after claims the Fold Housing Association told them to stop wearing the nightwear in communal areas.

The proposed dress code has been described by Sinn Fein Councillor Fra McCann as "bureaucracy gone mad", adding that it would be impossible to implement such a policy.

"Where do you stop? Do you stop people in work clothes and boots because it might dirty the foyer of the building?" he said.

"Another key issue is how do they manage it?

"What are they going to do if they see someone wearing pyjamas?

"Are they going to revoke their tenancy?

"Or if there is a child running about in a pair of pyjamas, what are they going to do?"

One resident told the Andersonstown News she was "pulled" by a member of staff for wearing pyjamas and told not to wear them out again.

She added that other residents had similar experiences.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, told the Belfast Telegraph last night that it was more like they were "asked."

The young mother was very reluctant to say residents had been "told" preferring to use the term "asked" adding that it was more " sort of frowned upon".

"But as far as family hostels go, this is one of the best," she said. "This is a great place to live."

Chief Executive John McLean issued a statement saying: "FHASS has considerable experience in managing such schemes and determining policies which encourage and sustain a positive community environment.

"The FHASS management team will have conducted an assessment of the needs of residents living within the scheme and sharing communal areas.

"Consequently they will have determined what is or is not appropriate in terms of the wearing of pyjamas in communal areas."

Mr McCann said: "I intend to take it up with Fold because I think they can over react to situations like that. "I think it is bureaucracy run mad to try and implement a decision like this. In actual fact many people who are wearing pyjamas they are going for designer brands and they probably cost as much as a suit of clothes. The people at Fold need to get a reality check."

Earlier this year Joe McGuinness, the headmaster of St Matthew's Primary in east Belfast took action after noticing a rise in the numbers of women wearing pyjamas from about 15-20 mums to 50.

He sent a stern letter home with the children, describing the PJs and slipper ensemble as "slovenly and rude".

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